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Human resources
   Team Establishment:
      Attract, select and keep a quality personnel team, command professional and advanced technology,
      make highly efficient operation, keep worthy of trust and make qualified management and extensive
   Personnel Relationship:
      Create an environment with enough trust and communication, in which HR policies can effectively
      support enterprise strategy and culture and they can be applied properly.
   Training and Development:
      Initiating common sense of responsibility to promote development, which would improve working
      competence and performance.
   Performance Management:
      Provide planning, feedback, assessment and development to increase the success opportunities in
      maximum for personnel and organization.
      Promote effective and comprehensive communication to constantly establish the cultural atmosphere
      of trust and to make all personnel contribute to the Company.
   Personnel Welfare Planning:
      Reflect the organizationí»s value and personnelí»s planning, ensure options, flexibility and safety
      in different levels,and reflect personnelí»s demand while holding on the economic, competitive and
      legal principles.
      Repay personnel with fairness and competitiveness. Remuneration should
      encourage personnel to grow and improve their performances. It should be
      based on personnelí»s contribution.